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Wearing a Corset
How do you put on a corset? Well, there are numerous designs for corsets; from front lacing to back-lacing corsets to double-laced corsets. The following guide is for double-laced corsets; the most popular and beautiful types.
Dressers should note that any bottoms / under clothing should be put on beforehand. This includes stockings and a shirt / dress / blouse if added an ensemble. Once laced, corsets can make bending over more difficult.
When putting on a corset, these are the recommended steps:
  • Loosen all lacings and zippers (if any) to provide ample room to fit around waist and bust
  • Wrap the corset around you and begin lacing the front of the corset, ensuring a snug fit. The front of the corset should always be laced tight and complete, with no gaps showing.
  • When complete, begin lacing the back of your corset. It is best to get help for this part of your lacing. Pull laces tight, but ensure they are still comfortable.
  • It is worthwhile noting that restrictions in breathing occurs due to compression of the diaphragm through too tight lacing in the centre of the corset. To increase comfort, keep the lacing on the top / bottom tight but loosen in the centre.
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